Greetings from Durango, Colorado!

Since 1997 (yes, 1997!), we've been developing web sites in Durango, Colorado. That makes us the longest running web design shop in town! But don't worry, we're passionate about new technologies and methods.

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We grew up with the web... ...and we know it like an old friend.

We got our start as kids in 1997 and have been building websites for clients around the country ever since. We've adapted to the constant change that is the web, and have expanded into social media management, content creation, and even 3D asset creation. Our process and willingness to adapt have kept us ahead of the pack for over two decades. We grew up with the web, and know it like an old friend.

There's a lot that goes into an effective online presence. We study graphic design, layout, programming, and social media strategies, and know that one can never stop learning. We have a strong commitment to building the perfect website for each client, and we never use pre-built templating solutions that make your ideas conform to the platform's limitations. Well aware that the majority of traffic is coming from mobile devices, we place an emphasis on mobile-first design, carefully testing our work on multiple devices.

With social media management, we create a down-to-earth online personality that represents your business realistically. While we follow trends, we also have the real world experience to know that a law office probably doesn't reach its target audience doing shuffles on TikTok. We use effective graphic design, photography, and even music made in-house to make your social media accounts attractive and unique.

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A little more about us Outside the digital realm.

We both come from small-business owning families and were raised to work hard, and do it right. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on every new online trend, but having the knowledge and experience to know what will stick, and what is fluff.

When we're not at work, we spend our time with our two amazing kiddos. We like to fish, bike, raft, ski, backpack, forage, hike, cook, garden, raise chickens, birdwatch, landscape, photograph native plants, hunt, and watch the sun and moon rise and set. We have been married for 18 happy years.

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If you'd like to bolster your online presence with a new website, social media campaign, or graphic design, email us and we'll talk about your project... or trout... or wild mushrooms... or clarinets... or Star Trek. Cheers!

-Eric & Lisa Kiefer