About Milomedia Website Design

Milomedia Web DesignGreetings from the happy land of zeros and ones!

Since 1997, we have been developing web sites in Durango, Colorado, making us the longest running web design shop in town! We marry all aspects of web development seamlessly. We posses a genuine passion for our field, and are fiercely loyal to the unequaled hand-coded web design process. This means that we write our own HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and MySQL with a smile. While some designers often relabel and reconfigure pre-made template sites, we build our sites from scratch, the right way. While any glue-sniffing teenager can build a WordPress site, very few designers actually build their web sites from the ground up. We do.

We both come from small-business owning families and were raised to work hard, and do it right, while always doing business ethically. Small businesses who don't have this work ethic do not last 19 years in a town full of web designers. Our technical knowledge and expertise is simply the highest level available in Durango, or any town.

Eric, from the farm and nursery land of South Jersey, plays a slew of musical instruments and performs often around town and over the Internet. Lisa, from Durango, likes to build things and study history and science.

Together, (with our toy pit bull, Seven of Nine) we like to fish, bike, raft, ski, backpack, forage, hike, cook, garden, chainsaw, raise chickens, birdwatch, landscape, identify native plants, hunt, and watch the sun and moon rise and set. We have been married for 11 happy years.

If you'd like a high end website, built from the ground up just for you, email us and we'll talk about your project... or trout... or wild mushrooms... or clarinets... or Star Trek. Cheers!

-Eric & Lisa Kiefer