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Web Design Services in Durango, Colorado

Clean, intelligent web design

Many web designers show their lack of confidence by filling pages with senseless doodles and useless tidbits intended to make the web design stand out. Truly great web design needs not be extravagant. Some of the most successful websites on the Internet are simple and to the point. At Milomedia, we pride ourselves on the design of functional, easy to navigate web pages.

All website designs begin with a thorough look at your company, and we work closely with you to design a website which conforms to all of your company's expectations. We can use any and all web technologies currently available, and will consult you on which technologies will best suit your web design. We never take up space with meaningless doodles or patterns, we get your content to the site users with minimal fuss, assertively displaying your product. The purpose of a web site is to get more customers in the door, plain and simple.

Manage your website with an easy-to-use CMS

We specialize in content management systems (CMSs), which allow you to control your content from anywhere with an Internet connection. Did you catch that? We design the web site layout, then you manage the web content from anywhere! No more trying to track down the web guy, no more exorbitant fees for changing simple text, and best of all you are the one in control of your website.

Our administration application lets you manage web page content the same way you would manage a Word document, allowing you to easily create links, bold text, add pictures, and more. Our CMSs contain only what you need, and there's always room to grow. Other shops use available systems like Wordpress or Joomla because they lack the expertise to build exactly what you want from the ground up. These solutions can be dangerous, and make you adapt to their rigid structure, while our solution adapts to you.

Milomedia offers 100% green-powered web hosting

Web hosting is essentially renting space on a very fast computer, called a "web server" which is connected to a very fast internet connection 24 hours a day. Our servers are in a secure datacenter with 24/7/365 monitoring, sprinkler systems, climate control, and redundant offsite backups. Our servers are connected to one of the largest backbones in the US, making your site reachable 99.9% of the time. (We say 99.9% because, those meteors are getting closer every minute.) Essentially, if there is a catastrophe large enough to disrupt your website, you'll probably be too busy hiding behind the couch with a bag over your head to worry about it. All jokes aside, our server administrators are the best in the business, and your website is safe, fast, well-supported and powered with renewable energy!

Web hosting prices are very competitive and each account comes with email addresses, web stats, mySQL databases, and much more! Contact us for a complete list of features. Note that our web hosting services are intended for use by our web design customers. As we previously mentioned, template sites built with WordPress, Joomla, or other freeware CMSs are subject to many security risks, so we will not allow them to be hosted on our network.

Don't just take our word for it

Take a look at our portfolio and read what others have to say about our work, turn around time, and service. To get a free quote for your web design project call our Durango, Colorado office at (970) 259-4523 or email us.