We cannot tolerate spam in any way on our network. If your site is reported for spamming, the account will be suspended and not restored until the spam problem can be fixed. If this results in moving to a more expensive hosting solution, the customer pays the difference. Spamming includes sending spam from our servers or posting online spam with links TO our servers.

Software Policy
We guarantee our work to function properly for a period of 1 year from launch. After this period, it is likely that the everything will continue to function perfectly, however, there are times when security updates or upgrades to underlying code can cause problems with older software. If this happens within the first year, we replace it for free, if it happens later, our normal hourly rate applies. If you are on one of our maintenance plans, these upgrades are free.

We try to make this part as simple as possible. Payment in full is due before any hosting accounts will be activated, and website design fees are due when the project has been finished to the customer's satisfaction. We require a 50% deposit on every quote to begin work. Once the site is finished, the remaining balance is due immediately. The site will not be "live" on the Internet until full payment is received. Content additions will be removed if not paid within 15 days.

Hosting accounts unpaid for 30 days past the day of expiration will be suspended with a $50 restoration fee. Web work completed will not be placed online until payment in full is received.

Content Mistakes
We do our very best to make sure your content is accurate and that everything is in working order with your website, however it is your responsibility to read ALL content, check all links, and check contact forms, search forms, etc. We will not be held responsible for a mistake found months later which caused a loss of business, real or perceived. Before you pay for your site make sure it is exactly what you want, after the final payment on the site is accepted, ALL changes are billed at our current hourly rate.

Milomedia is not responsible for your business' success once your website is built. We guarantee our websites to be well coded, intelligently designed, and optimized for search engines. Once the site is launched, additional promotion is your responsibility. In the event of a site shutdown due to non payment or TOS violation, Milomedia will not be held accountable for any loss, real or perceived.

All of our work is done "as is" and payment for work done is accepting said work as complete and satisfactory. Web hosting is paid to our upstream providers annually and is non-refundable. A decision to change hosts for any reason is your own and we will not be held financially responsible.